Who we Are

Pastor Ngozi Akolam

Pastor Virginia is the visionary of the
Women of God on Fire Conference
which began as the 1st Ladies/Pastor's Wives
on Fire Conference in 2010.

The Lord spoke to Pastor Virginia Akolam in January 2010 asking her to get together Pastor's wives and 1st Ladies in fellowship annually to empower them through impartation, training, releasing them to  identify and fulfill their God given purpose.

The conference last year was powerful with manifestation of physical and emotional healing and restoration of hope and peace. It pleases God to now extend this privilege to every woman that is on fire for Him or needs a fresh touch of the Pentecostal Fire.

Women of God on Fire Conference  is designed to ignite, refresh, refill, encourage and impart women of God to work boldly in the calling that the Lord has purposed for them, through spirit filled worship, praise and the Word.

We no longer need prayer meetings in the flesh, we need divine spiritual connections to the Throne of Grace.  We need the power of agreement.  We need the Holy Spirit now for real.

He wants Women ready for
                                           F - FELLOWSHIP
                                            I - IMPARTATION
                                           R - RELEASE
                                           E - EMPOWERMENT
Let the fire in you start burning NOW! Worship your way through in this upcoming conference. 

For God does not call the qualified, but qualifies the called.